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C’est un pur bonheur à chaque concert de jouer avec le guitariste Kenny Bibace. Suite à une série de spectacles donnés au Modavie, situé dans le Vieux-Montréal, nous poussons l’aventure avec un deuxième spectacle au Upstairs Jazz, le 6 octobre prochain.

 It’s a pur honor to play with the guitar player Kenny Bibace. After having played a series of concerts in the Modavie Restaurant, situated in the old city, we will perform a second time in Upstairs Jazz, on October 6th.

    Ken Bibace is a prolific jazz guitarist who has performed and recorded with many of the top Canadian jazz artists over the last 25 years. Based in Montreal where he records and performs regularly, he also teaches at McGill University Schulich School Of Music and at CEGEP Marianopolis. Ken has performed extensively both as a sideman and leader in Montreal, across Canada and internationally.His unique style has been influenced by Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane and John Scofield among others. Widely recorded, Ken has been featured on numerous CDs including Christine Jensen’s “Treelines and “Habitat” which both won Juno Awards for Best Contemporary Large Ensemble in 2013 and 2014. The ensemble just came back from a Canadian Jazz Festival Tour started in June 2015.



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