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Joel Kerr, False Dawn

Montreal bassist and composer Joel Kerr releases his second album

False Dawn: Joel Kerr has composed a new album, a throwback to the electric sounds of 70s Miles Davis combined with indie rock, classical minimalism, and just a hint of world music.

Featuring seven originals and one cover, False Dawn marks a drastic change in direction from Joel’s debut album, Joel Kerr Quintet. Joel’s love of modern literature, his fascination with modern classical music and his Japanese-Canadian heritage are the main sources of inspiration for this album. But the musical concept as a whole is the use of lush textures and space to create an atmosphere that is both meditative and minimalist, yet expressive.

Joel Kerr: Joel Kerr is one of Montreal’s busiest and most versatile bassists.  He is involved in many ongoing creative projects, and immersed in Montreal’s jazz, world and soul music scenes.

Joel is a co-leader and co-composer for Montreal soul band The Key-Lites, and experimental jazz trio Bean. He is a co-leader and co-arranger for the new old Jewish music ensemble Siach Hasadeh, and a member of the original klezmer band Shtreiml, as well as the Montreal/Ottawa based experimental jazz group Craig Pedersen Quartet. With these groups as well as various other ensembles, Joel has toured extensively across Canada, the US and Europe.

The performance features the city’s finest jazz musicians: Kenny Bibace (guitar), Mireille Boily (voice), Andrew Boudreau (Fender Rhodes), Joel Kerr (bass, compositions), and Mark Nelson (drums).




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